Offered services

The Services offered by RockstarDesign comprise several services and applications for the global creative sector than can be accessed through the platforms that RockstarDesign operates and manages through the Websites, including any of their subdomains or sections currently offered or which may be offered in the future:


The User registered in any of the Websites may access the Services of the relevant Website and may also access the Services available in the remaining Websites which are provided free of charge, subject to an individual charge or to a subscription, depending on the offer available at the time the User registers or hires the relevant Service.

These are the Services available depending on the Website from which the User is accessing:

Services offered through RockstarDesign:

Through the RockstarDesign Website the User can search visual content, like vectors and illustrations, photos and images, psds and Photoshop files, vector icons, video contents and recordings (including the corresponding audio) in any format (“RockstarDesign Website Content”), as well as specific information related to such content

The Services may offer, in the result of that search, contents owned by RockstarDesign (“RockstarDesign Content”), contents owned by third parties offered through the RockstarDesign Website (“RockstarDesign Collaborators Content”) as well as third-party content not offered free of charge (“RockstarDesign Sponsored Content’). RockstarDesign Sponsored Content is duly differentiated and identified on the search results. RockstarDesign Content and RockstarDesign Collaborators Content shall be hereinafter referred to collectively as the “RockstarDesign Selection” and can be downloaded through the RockstarDesign Website.

The Service may also offer, in the result of a search completed by the User, content offered by third parties freely available through the internet (‘RockstarDesign Third Party Content’).

Likewise, among the Services offered, Users are allowed to upload content to the RockstarDesign Website to store, publish and make them available to other Users as RockstarDesign Collaborators Content. The uploading of contents to the RockstarDesign Website shall be done in the terms and following the procedure set out by RockstarDesign from time to time.

The Services include access to the following tools:

Mac OS X app compatible with most software programs, including Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator and Finder, which facilitated the preparation of presentations or any other document.

Tools to generate icons in source code from TTF (True Type Font) files and OTF (Open Type Font) to any type of font.